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The 10 most beautiful villages in Antioquia Colombia

Guatape antioquia

The 10 most beautiful villages in Antioquia Colombia

No need to travel far to enjoy beautiful scenery. Meet Antioquia, knows our.

We can provide leased vehicles to enjoy our landscapes.

Pa 'Paisas us in Solo has always been a pleasure to publish articles with lists which include the beauty of our region, We have already published several listings where international media have done.

Although we Compliment them to international media talk about us, fills us stand out more when people from here it, paisas who feel love for their land and recognize that there are extraordinary places, instead of leaving the country to enjoy your holiday, They prefer to walk the streets of our towns.

Here we share the list, Enjoy it and encourage to know.

We know that our department has a variety of beautiful towns and as they say "everyone has its charm" and is worthy of admiration and be on the list

1. Garden

Located in the Antiochian Southwest to 134 km (2h 43 me) Medellin. It is one of the heritage department municipalities, known as "the prettiest town in Antioquia". Garden retains the Antiochian traditions and are characterized by the architectural beauty of their homes, its beautiful main square and its monumental Basilica, unique in the region.

2. Guatapé

Located in the east Antioquia 79 km (1h 45 me) Medellin. Considered the most colorful people of the world, which takes several appellatives: "Tourist paradise of Antioquia", "The people of sockets" and "The Sea Inside Antioquia". It is characterized by a variety of attractions like the Rock of Guatape, its colorful and decorated houses with beautiful baseboards, its traditional streets and, Of course, the levee and dam.

3. Conception

Located in the east Antioquia 75 km (2h) Medellin. Declared "Architectural Heritage, Cultural and Historical of the Nation "for its cobbled streets and the condition of their homes. It has one of the most beautiful parks in the Antiochian East. It is characterized by the hospitality and friendliness of its people. It is the birthplace of national hero José María Córdova antioqueño.

4. Jericho

Located in the Antiochian Southwest to 113 km (2h 30 me) Medellin. Known as the "Athens of the West" and "cultured city of Antioquia". It is another of the heritage towns of Antioquia, cradle of the Holy Mother Laura. It is characterized by preserving its traditional architecture and development of traditional Antiochian carriel. It is a city of coffee culture, beautiful scenery and a variety of religious temples.

5. Santa Fe de Antioquia

Located in the West antioqueño 57.3 km (1h 18 me) Medellin. Another heritage municipalities of Antioquia, known as the "Mother City", as it was the first capital of the department. It is a fascinating colonial architecture preserved almost in its entirety. More than 350 years, Easter Mother City is the oldest department and one of the most solemn of the country.

6. San Pedro de los Milagros

Located in the Northern Antioquia to 35 km (1h) Medellin. Known as the "cultural Puerta del Norte". It is one of the leading dairy producers department. Its rural landscapes are really beautiful and charming, which evoke the Swiss landscapes. It has one of the most beautiful basilicas and visited the region, known as the "Sixtina Antioch".

7. Urrao

Located in the Antiochian Southwest to 158.6 km (4h) Medellin. Known as "The hidden paradise of Antioquia". It is the second largest municipality in the department and there is located the highest mountain in Antioquia: Paramo del Sol (4.080 m). His landscapes are breathtaking visitors, and among these the most beautiful and extensive valley is Penderisco, crossed by a meandering river (the Penderisco) leading many to express is "The signature of God on earth". It is a cozy village, Antiochian purely customs and there is the famous sweet cheese urraeño.

8. Are are

Located in the east Antioquia 95 km (4h) Medellin. Considered the "Cradle of Antiochian Colonization". It is the largest department of eastern Antioquia and has a variety of thermal floors. It has a huge rich heritage and preservation of traditional architecture. It has cultural centers, museums and the city where it is preserved the tradition of Antioquia maicera. Thus the main festival is the "Fiesta del Maiz".

9. Bolivar City

Located in the Antiochian Southwest to 109 km (2h 30 me) Medellin. Cradle of drovers and coffee town par excellence. It is known as the "Capital of the Southwest of Antioquia". One of the best tourist sites in Antioquia to hike through old mule trails. Its beautiful park, with imposing shade samanes, invited to the gathering in the middle of a good cup of coffee in the region.

10. Saint Charles

Located in the east Antioquia 115.9 km (3h) Medellin. It is a municipality with a great ecological importance in Antioquia. It has one of the most beautiful landscapes of the department, in addition to the town center. Among its attractions are numerous resorts crystal clear, waterfalls, natural pools and trails, all ideal for ecotourism. Stone is famous Tabor, five minutes from the main park. His nicknames are "Hydropower capital of Colombia", "Tourist paradise of Antioquia" and "Sweet Costica eastern Antioquia".


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