Rent a car, cars, Medellin populated cars | Car or vehicle routes, to exit from Medellin to guatape
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Car or vehicle routes, to exit from Medellin to guatape

reservoir-rock-the-peñol car rental

Car or vehicle routes, to exit from Medellin to guatape

guatape car rental

guatape car rental

If you plan to travel by car or vehicle and starting point is Medellin, These are the costs of traveling by car along the routes most used by travelers.

The Peñol and Guatape on a weekend

For travelers visiting Colombia, timely serious diverted to Medellin, even above other capitals, because near the city there are several tourist destinations, and within the city there are many attractions, Overall the two municipalities that are visited at 1.5 hours Medellin, which means that one can go and return in one day, or more if you prefer enjoy more of nature ... Some of the attractions of the two municipalities together, son:

· La piedra del peñol.

· Replica del peñol viejo.

· Casa museo.

· Malecón de Guatape.

· Deportes y actividades náuticas en la represa: Canope, boat ride to some "islands", vueltita marine bike, boat ride on the rumbero, rafting, etc.

· Visita a la iglesia en piedra del peñol.

· Rumbeadita en cualquier lugar de chucuchucu de ambos municipios.

· Visita a las cascadas.

Departure is from the Medellin-Bogota highway but can also be reached by turning around Rionegro, but it is much longer. There are several ways to get to Peñol and Guatape, a serious bus from North Terminal (There are two in Medellin), note that one of the stations of the "Caribbean" Metro runs directly to the North Terminal transport, The metro ticket this as 90 cents Us, then take a bus to Penol Guatape or which is the next town this ticket voucher 2 a 4 US and takes 1.5 hours. The other way I think is the best, If you do not have your own car then available I alquílenlo, It is best enjoyed as one can be diverted to wherever, You can do it deems appropriate stations, etc.

Renting a car or vehicle, can be between 40 Y 60 Us diarios, depending on the car or vehicle. If you go down the highway southbound north, They go right in the left lane, spend Aguacatala, the 10 the town, the 30, the 33, They spend the retail sector, They spend the sector of the University of Antioquia, and continue right to the Zamora neighborhood, then find a deviation to the right, They will connect with the highway Medellin-Bogota, It is a dual carriageway via, two in one direction and two in another sense, the road is pretty good, If you do the bike ride you enjoyed it a lot, you meet a toll, It has a value for trucks 4 dollars on average, They are then tunnel, on the road are several places Roasted, where they can find food from 2 until 10 Us, reach the municipality of Marinilla (45 minutes), if they want to enter, They know the town park and people who are friendly, not much to know (at least I do not know), find signage are seeing signs that say "The Peñol", route then becomes two lanes in both directions, It is a way to travel slowly, without toils, walk ...

Chorizos find sales, cobs, cakes chocolo, etc., We recommend the cob with butter and salt, It has a value of 70 cents, after 30 minutes or less reach the town of Penol. In the yardarm you can find hotels from 10 Y 30 Dollars, with some exceptions of a hotel that costs as 100 dollars a night, very good indeed, It is coming to Guatape.

I recommend a block up the hall, go eat where Sam, one Vietnamese who has long been in the area, It has a restaurant with 100 light meals, but actually cooking over 300 dishes, Prices range from 2 Y 6 Dollars, we recommend the enchiladas ...

The replica of the Peñol, It is a semi town where one can go snooping on desparche as was the town before they flooded for the dam, foticos are taken and the view is quite beautiful is observed. Then you can go on the road between El Penol and Guatape fishing, in a place that offered restaurant and sport fishing, It has nothing otherworldly, but one connects with certain stages in the evolution then when you eat something that previously cool, they charge you 3 dollars per pound fish (the tilapia trocha) Y 3 more for each dish prepared with French fries, rice, salad and a drink.

You can go to the stone Penol, go up, but for those who wish to do so, we recommend, the view is spectacular, one takes to get on and off 1 a 1.5 hours, It has a value of 7 dollars per person.

Well we recomiendamos them make the short week or weekend depending on your goals, just in case, with swimsuit, make the journey in a private car or leased to be where and how long you want, a hug to all, I hope that this story will serve to schedule trips ...

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